Surfing South Africa, West Coast

Uncrowded Surf Destinations: The Best Surf Trips Off The Beaten Path

Uncrowded Surf Destinations: The Best Surf Trips Off The Beaten Path Tired of Crowds? Your local beach is becoming more crowded than...
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safari in south africa

What Is A Surfari?

You may have heard the term ‘surfari’ come up in conversation recently. ‘The surfaris‘ where a famous American rock band formed in...
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surf holidays south africa

Why Now Is The Best Time To Visit Cape Town

The Best Time to Visit Cape Town, South Africa South Africa is at the very top of travel wish-lists for wildlife-enthusiants, wine-lovers...
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Maldives surfer

Surfing in the Maldives – Your Guide to the Best Waves in the Flower of the Indies

Your guide to surfing in the Maldives Saffa Surf Tours specialises in guided surf trips in South Africa and Namibia, but, that...
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Travel backpack

DryTide Backpack: The Waterproof Travel Backpack We All Need.

A Comfortable & Waterproof Surf Travel Backpack. So you’re on a boat in the middle of nowhere, making your way to the...
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Ocean Pollution Bottle

Another Rubbish Article: Ocean Pollution and How You Can Change It.

Ocean Pollution As surfers and people who spend a lot of our time in the ocean, it’s particularly sad for us to...
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history of surfing in South Africa


THE HISTORY OF SURFING IN SOUTH AFRICA Ever wondered about the history of surfing in South Africa? It’s got to be an...
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