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Tired of Crowds?

Your local beach is becoming more crowded than ever before, with grommies inside every wave, paddling circles around you. Sound familiar?

Your day-dreaming mind wonders to a completely uncrowded surf spot with just you and a couple of your mates out, scoring endless pits and hooting each other on to get deeper and go bigger. Sounds like a dream, right? For a few lucky guys and girls it’s a daily occurrence and nothing out of the ordinary. How do you get in on the action?

Uncrowded surf destination with empty wave.

Uncrowded Surf Destinations.

Location, location, location. I’m pretty sure there are uncrowded spots to be found in every corner of the world. You don’t necessarily need to travel to highly remote locations like Nicobar Island or Western Madagascar. 

You just need to know when and where to go for the right waves. Stab Mag surfing magazine wrote a recent article on 20 Destinations that you need to surf before 2020 . Most of the locations they recommend offer some of the least crowded surf spots in the world. Coincidence? I don’t think so. A lack of crowds is one of the top priorities for most surf travellers when choosing their next destination. 

big barrelling wave up the West Coast. Uncrowded surf destination in South Africa.

Africa: The Last Surf Frontier?

If you’re still reading this article and didn’t go to the stab’s one, Fuck yeah! But you should read that one too, and you’ll notice that more than half of those destinations are in Africa. Is Africa the last surf frontier?  Africa is home to many incredible waves. Skeleton Bay in Namibia is well-known as home of the best and longest barrel in the world, and is only one of the many world-class waves this continent has to offer.

On the Northern side of the border of Namibia, you’ll find Angola, deserted with super long empty lefts. Just go have a look at Alan van Gysen’s Instagram page and you’ll be ready to retire your annual Bali surf trip habits and head straight for the surfing heaven that is Africa.

Mozambique, on the North-Eastern side of  South Africa has some of the most remote surf spots on offer with an array of world-class beachy setups and a tropical, laid-back and friendly local atmosphere. 

Skeleton Bay wave

South Africa As Your Next Uncrowded Surf Destination.

If you’re looking for an uncrowded surf destination for your next trip, we couldn’t recommend South Africa enough. On the southernmost tip of the beautiful African continent is South Africa, commended as one of the lesser known and best surf destinations in the world. South Africa offers more than just incredible, uncrowded waves, breath taking landscapes, mouth-watering local cuisine, friendly locals and an amazing climate. It offers the travelling surfer everything his or her heart desires. It has some of the most consistent surf in the world as it has waves all year round that suit everyone from beginners to highly skilled expert surfers.

Wondering how to start planning your trip and score uncrowded waves, enjoy local cuisine and have the full South African experience in one of the best surf towns in the world? Easy AF! Just drop South Africa Surf Tours an enquiry in our contact section and we will rig everything up for you. We offer cheap all-inclusive surf vacation packages that are bound to be one of the best surf trips of your life! Lekker. 

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