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Skeleton Bay, Namibia Surf Guide

Surf The World’s Longest Wave

Skeleton Bay, Namibia 

Skeleton Bay surf trip is the stuff dreams are made of. Skeleton Bay needs no introduction to any seasoned surfer with dreams of a minute-long barrel. Just watch Koa Smith’s Skeleton Bay clip and you’ll understand why this is known as the longest wave in the world. 

The conditions are very fickle in Skeleton Bay Namibia. If the swell is not big enough, the wave does not break. When the swell does get big enough, it could last for up to two days- sometimes three days if your karma is very, very good. The duration of this Namibia surf trip is therefore flexible. 

Our email inboxes are full of surfers asking the same thing, ‘Where is Skeleton Bay? And how do I plan my trip so that I don’t get skunked?’ 

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+- USD $1,200 for 4 Days

Group Size

Solo Travellers or Groups

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Skeleton Bay Strike Mission

Drop Everything & Go.

South Africa Surf Tours offers ‘strike mission’ packages, for those looking to catch a last-minute swell. As the logistics around this trip are a little different to our other surf trips (which can be planned in advance), we’ve come up with a specialised surf strike mission for this wave in Namibia. 

Your strike mission will start when you receive a swell alert from us, and book your last-minute plane ticket. This could require dropping anything, and anyone to score the wave of your life. 

We send out an ‘orange light’ swell alert about 7 days before the swell is due to arrive, and a ‘green light’ alert 72 hours before the swell hits in Skeleton Bay Namibia. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm the swell any earlier than 72 hours in advance as conditions are subject to change (something we’re sure you as a surfer, understand.) 

Your experienced guide will pick you up from Walvis Bay airport in Namibia when you arrive. From there, you’ll be transported to Skeleton Bay. With a personal guide, transport & accommodation included – your trip will be hassle-free. 

Once you get to Donkey Bay, you’ll eagerly wait for the swell to arrive, bringing along with it the best wave you’ll ever lay your eyes on. 


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