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Why South Africa is the best surf trip for intermediate surfers

Our local resident surf guide, Ruan de Bruin (or Ru for short), explains why South Africa is the ultimate surfing destination for your next surf trip as an intermediate surfer.

Looking for the best surf trips for intermediate surfers? 

Well, you’re in the right place. 

South Africa is well known to most surfers across the globe. Long reeling barrels and open faces at Jeffreys Bay, sharks and grunting ‘secret’ beachies have helped the country receive its international recognition. But, there’s so much more to South Africa than that. 

With far lesser known waves around every nook and bend, you’ll have the opportunity to surf just about every day- mostly with just you and a couple of mates out in the water. A variety of uncrowded waves, with incredibly beautiful setups between mountains and beaches await surf travellers visiting the breathtaking country. South Africa is home to some of the best surfing locations in the world, collectively making the country one of the best surf trips for intermediate surfers.

Intermediate surfer catching a wave on a surf trip in South Africa.

Defining An Intermediate Surfer 

What is the definition of an intermediate or mid-level surfer? defines and intermediate surfer this way:

INTERMEDIATE rider is a surfer who can successfully paddle out alone at a familiar location and catch and ride waves to a logical finish frontside or backside, confidently using the three basic surfing turns – bottom turn, top turn and cutback.

We have noticed that the definition of an intermediate surfer is different for everyone. As professional surf guides, we have had plenty of surfers arrive at our surf lodge claiming to be intermediate surfers, but absolutely ripping when we take them out to our local wave for the first time. Others, who also claim to be intermediate surfers, have had one or two surf lessons in small, tropical, easy conditions, managed to stand up and hey presto! They’re now qualifying themselves as intermediate surfers.

How do you qualify this status of skill when it comes to wave riding? Is it when you can stand up and aim down the line? Or when you are getting into your turns and aiming for airs? Being able to pull into barrels but weary when it becomes overhead?

I don’t know, in my own opinion if you love surfing, you’re not comfortable in crazy conditions but competent riding waves of different shapes & sizes and would like to progress your skills, you are an intermediate skilled surfer.  

Intermediate level surfer with short board walking on the beach.


Why South Africa is one of the best surf trips for intermediate surfers

Now that we’ve got the definition of an intermediate surfer out of the way, lets have a look at why South Africa offers the best surf trips for intermediate surfers.

Why is South Africa so good for your skill set? Waves, waves and more waves. They say practise makes perfect, and South Africa is the perfect location to do just that.

On a South African surf trip, you’ll have the opportunity to surf every single day. It might not be 3 to 4ft glassy offshore perfection every day, but you will be able to get into the ocean every day and get fun waves more often than not. Some days will be pumping, others will be easy and manageable. 

A personal surf guide will come in very handy on your South African surf trip, when your aim is to get waves every day and find the best surf destinations in South Africa. As South Africa is a large country, waves are sometimes a large distance apart, and the conditions play a crucial role in where there will be waves, and where there won’t.  Having someone to take you where you need to be, to surf with you, and someone to help you push your skills and limits in each session is a definite advantage. Local insight into where to go, and when to go there also proves to be a huge benefit. It’s no mystery that when you want to better your skills, you need to put a lot of time into it, and South Africa is the best place to do it!

South Africa also offers the best surf vacations for families, with loads of activities for the kids and husband or wife. From stunning hikes to zip-lining over forests and waterfalls, to having picnics next to the river at the foot of the mountains. This country really caters for anyone that is seeking a trip that is different to any they have done before.

Surfer catching a wave in South Africa.

Plan your intermediate surf trip in South Africa

Now that we’ve wet your taste buds a little, you’ve got the be wondering how to organise your next surf trip to South Africa. The good news is, it’s easier than you’d expect. For a surf traveller who has never been to ‘Africa’- the thought can be a little daunting. We promise it’s not that bad. It’s actually very easy. 

Just get in contact with us, and enquire about our all-inclusive surf vacations. We offer surf guide services that cater specifically for intermediate surfers. We customise our trips to suit your surfing ability and preferences; your budget and your interests. 

South Africa Surf Tours covers all of your transport from the airport, to your accommodation, to a variety of waves along the coast each day. Meals, accommodation, beers, adventure activities and more are all taken care of. All you have to do is book your flights, and get your ass to sunny (or windy) South Africa. WTF, right? That’s the dream right there. Check out our reviews on TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook to confirm your decision to book your trip with us now. Limited availability. 

NOTE: All of the photographs used in this blog post where captured by the legend, Simon Heale Photography.

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