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Why Cape Town, South Africa is the Ultimate Learn to Surf Destination

It’s 2020, and if you still haven’t learn to surf. It’s high time you learnt something new, don’t you think? Surfing is one of those sports that are challenging but at the same time, the most fun. 

Surfing is not just a fun activity but extremely beneficial for your body. It is beneficial for your heart and improves cardiovascular health. Exercising daily keeps your heart healthy, and surfing is a strenuous enough exercise to do that. It also improves breathing ability and tones the muscles too. 

Learn to surf holidays for beginners in South Africa

You can quickly improve your flexibility and balance by surfing. The tough waves allow you to bend your body parts in different positions for stability while maintaining your position on the board. But the best part about surfing is that it gives you a sense of achievement, relaxes your mind and body and the adrenaline rush gives you a feeling of freedom.

Moreover, if you are looking for more creative ways of exercising, then surfing definitely is one. It builds up immense shoulder and leg strength and improves cardio. It will allow you to relieve any pent up stress while enjoying the sport.

History of Surfing in South Africa

If you are planning to try this thrilling and adventurous sport, then South Africa is the best place to do so. South Africa has an ancient history with surfing, and the beaches feel like they are specially designed for this.

It was in 1910 when surfing gained quite a lot of attention in South Africa. It started at Muizenberg beach and then spread globally as well. At that time, only wooden belly boards were used. However, after the first World War, the veterans who had seen Waikiki Beach began making boards made of Timber.

In the 60s and 70s, there was a rise in popularity of the hip culture and surfing boards. The film “Endless Summer” heralded South Africa as the Surfer’s Paradise.

Learn to surf in South Africa

Today, South Africa is home to over 30 Surf boarding champions and continues to make new ones. It does not just offer one of the best beaches to learn surfing but has the right weather for it too. If you want to learn to surf, then South Africa must be on your list. 

We have listed Cape town as one of the best destinations for surfing because it offers everything for all kinds of surfers. Everyone is bound to find what they like there. The waters there are also very lovely, albeit they are on the colder side but during winters the waters are quite warm.

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Why Cape Town Is The Ultimate Learn To Surf Destination

The winters are the best time to surf in Cape Town. As mentioned earlier, the waters are warm in contrast to the chilly weather, which is ideal. Also, there is the least amount of winds, and the skies are clear making it easier to surf on the waves without much resistance from the wind. 

This is especially great for beginners who are learning to surf and would like a more comfortable environment.

If you are lucky enough, you also might be able to spot a whale or two in the ocean while surfing

Some of the places to visit and learn to surf in Cape Town are:


For learners and beginners finding the place with just the right waves, Muizenberg is a paradise. Muizenberg is home to the famous Surfer’s spot that has gentle waves and attracts surfers of all levels and people who want to learn to surf. Muizenberg is just a 30-minute drive from the Cape Town city centre.

It might not have the longest and best waves as experienced surfers would like, but it definitely is a fun place for longboarders and other surfers once there is a crowd.

Big Bay

Big Bay is another one of those beaches in Cape Town where you can learn to Surf. For a laid back day, smooth surfing and just chilling big bay is the place for you. The best time to surf is when the wind blows from the east, making it easier for beginners.

learn-to-surf-south-africa learn-to-surf-cape-town

Britannia Bay

If you are looking for more scenic options to learn surfing, then Britannia Bay tops the charts. The beautiful beach holds pristine white sand that is ornate with small seashells that are mesmerizing. The bay is beginner-friendly and allows one to surf on the smoother waves. You can surf at the surfers’ corner along with many others. If you need a break, you can catch a glimpse of the variety of flowers and other animal species.

If you visit Cape Town and are planning to learn to surf, then these are the best places there are. They are ideal for beginners, spoiling them with less turbulent and clear waves for a more relaxed learning process. So much hard work goes into learning surfing but once done, the reward is definitely worth it.

Learn to Surf Holidays in South Africa

If you plan on learning surfing in Cape Town, South Africa, check out our latest surf trip package which offers a fun-filled trip to South Africa, simultaneously learning how to surf.

It caters to people of all ages and surfing levels. You can travel solo or with friends and have a great time learning to surf in South Africa.

South Africa surf tours have a regular trip of 5 days that contains all necessities like a surf guide, surfing equipment, very comfortable accommodation, transport and so much more.

Even though the trip is more focused on surfing, it also contains kayaking, safari drives, hiking, and experiencing the real South Africa. 

The best part of all of this is that you can customize your trip according to your needs and have fun. If you still haven’t decided, hurry up! This is one of the best deals where you can learn to surf and enjoy a tour of South Africa as well.

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