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Jeffrey’s Bay | The Ultimate East Coast Surf Trip.

Been a while since your last surf trip? If so, you may be wondering where to spend your next holiday or vacation. For those looking for a beautiful holiday destination, in addition to a stunningly gorgeous location, you should definitely consider Jeffrey’s Bay!

Jeffrey’s Bay (also lovingly known as J-Bay), is situated in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province and has for many decades been a popular holiday spot with locals and with surfers.

What makes Jeffrey’s Bay very unique is that it is perfectly situated right where the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean meet the warmer currents of the Indian Ocean in the east. This makes it ideal for surfing and the sea and the area generates some of the most amazing waves for surfers.

Between the months of April and September every year (the colder months in South Africa), there is a lot of low pressure moving around the coastal area of the Cape. This results in the generation of massive swells that begin in Cape St. Francis and culminate in Jeffrey’s Bay.

If you want to make the most out of Jeffrey’s Bay’s best surfing opportunities, we recommend visiting the area in July as this is when the WCT Pro J-Bay event takes place (sans Coronavirus). This iconic and world-famous surfing event sees some of the world’s best surfers competing and enjoying the incredible waves that Jeffrey’s Bay has to offer.

Not only does Jeffrey’s Bay offer you world-class surfing, it also features some enjoyable activities for the whole family. For example, many visitors to the area love exploring the Kabeljous Nature Reserve and estuary where they can do some hiking and simply enjoy the beautiful nature around them. This nature reserve is home to plenty of rare birds, mammals, fish and plants.

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1)  Is Jeffreys Bay worth visiting?

Well, in addition to being famous for surfing, it also offers some excellent restaurants and some of the best seafood and calamari in the area! Jeffrey’s Bay has a very relaxed and chilled out vibe to it and tourists love how they are able to unwind and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. There are plenty of excellent guest houses, Airbnbs and self-catering holiday homes for tourists to choose from, many of which are located almost right on the ocean with incredible views.

2)  Is Jeffreys Bay Safe?

Yes, traditionally Jeffrey’s Bay has always been a very safe place to visit. Unlike other dangerous places in South Africa, Jeffrey’s Bay doesn’t have any of the violent crime that the major South African cities do. Of course, Jeffrey’s Bay is not entirely free from crime and there have been reports of petty crime and stealing from cars. However, these crimes are very few and far between and is nothing to worry about. Like every town and city in South Africa, it is recommended that you always lock your car doors and ensure that your holiday accommodation is securely locked at night. This is mainly to give you peace of mind, though, and to prevent opportunistic crimes from happening. Looking for a surf guide? Click here. 

3)  Best Jeffreys Bay Surf Spots.

Jeffrey’s Bay has no shortage of amazing surfing spots. The following are the most popular spots:

1. Point.

Point offers you long and soft waves that are easy to handle and an excellent choice for both intermediate and expert surfers.

2. Boneyards.

This is the top area of Supertubes and boasts a reef and breaks all over with shallow ocean. This is the most popular spot in Jeffrey’s Bay!

3. Tubes.

This is the bottom part of Supertubes and offers amazing right-hander waves that are short and choppy.

4. Bruce’s Beauties.

This surfing spot is closer to St. Francis Bay than Jeffrey’s Bay and you can enjoy fast, high and energy rich waves that are best left to the experts!

5. Magnatubes.

Go here if you want heavy waves that are unpredictable and challenge your skills as a surfer!

6. Seal Point.

Also in the St. Francis Bay area, Seal Point is a great all-rounder offering long and soft waves.

7. Kitchen Windows.

Kitchen Windows has a beautiful left and right reef that offers surfers gentle waves, making it ideal for beginners.

8. Main Beach.

Main Beach has different level waves with varying peaks. It’s great if you are keen to practice and develop your skills!

9. Supertubes.

You cannot leave J-Bay without trying out Supertubes as this is the most popular and famous surfing spot in the country! Here, you can experience some of the most powerful and fast waves with huge tubes. However, this should only be tried by expert surfers!

10. Albatross.

If you’re looking for a quiet surfing spot, Albatross is your best bet. It has some great right hander waves that any surfer will love.

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