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Kitesurfing South Africa

Kitesurfing in the Overberg, the other side of Cape Town.

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Cape Town has long been on the maps of many well seasoned and adventurous kitesurfers. Famous for the gail force winds and large swell during the summer months, combined with a great blend of diverse cultures, it is no wonder Cape Town has become such a popular kitesurfing destination for riders of all skill levels.

The Overberg, South Africa

There is however more to Cape Town than the West Coast which is known for its big air antics, world record jumps, and serious wave riding. If you take the road East, over the hills and through the valleys you will be rewarded with a great variety of conditions away from the masses.

Scattered along curves of an ever bending coastline you will find a sequence of beaches with the occasional river forming lagoons on the interface between the water bodies. With a bit of creativity and a little know-how you will be well on your way to riding clean winds in far warmer water temperatures than the frigid Atlantic ocean.

With each beach being angled slightly differently to the rest, you will see that it is possible to kite on all directions of wind. This makes the area unique in that on just about any given day of the year, within a 50km driving radius you are bound to find something rideable ranging from large waves to buttery lagoons over a large wind range, depending on the conditions.

Although many of the spots in this area were only put on the maps as kite spots in recent seasons, the sport is quickly growing in the area and although there are only a handful of diehard local riders, there is a great influx of tourists venturing out this side to get a break from the busy city. Unfortunately for the masses, not all of the spots along our majestic coast are public access making the crowding of certain areas self regulating and sometimes private access is required in order to find the most buttery slick of them all.

So go out there and get creative, be friendly and chat to the locals because they are the ones bearing the secrets of this untapped coastline.

Article by Kyle Rhett Cabano

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