Cape Town - Our Top 10 Reasons to Visit The Mother City

Our top ten reasons to visit Cape Town.

The Mother City – Cape Town, is still a Banging place to visit.

Cape Town has been getting some seriously bad publicity lately due to the water crisis .It’s true, flushing the toilet is kind of a big deal in Cape Town, and showering is more of a race against time than a leisurely activity, but, it’s still one of the most beautiful, and undeniably unique cities in the world.

While we’re in no way undermining the severity of the drought, we thought we’d give you a few reasons why Cape Town is still awesome.

Solo Traveller Surf Holidays in Cape Town, South Africa.
Solo bodyboarder heading into the ocean.

1. The Waves in Cape Town

Where did you think we’d start? Waves, waves, and more waves. Cape Town is littered with waves. It has world class picture perfect A-Frame beach breaks, wedges a plenty, slabs that will leave some marks on your underwear and point breaks that will have you weak in the knees.

Cape Town has a large variety of waves to suit every wave rider, at every skill level – leaving them with a lust to return to those icy barrels again and again. Yes the water is cold, but the cold brings a sort of ‘raw’ factor into play that you won’t find in most places in the world.

The set ups are mind blowing, surfing at the foot of mountains, staring out of emerald green glassy barrels onto green rugged landscapes – it’s the stuff dreams are made of. Read up why Cape Town is a great destination for intermediate surfers.

Signal Hill Views

2. The Views

Cape Town has no shortage of vantage points that offer unbridled views of the beautiful Mother City. From Lion’s Head and Signal Hill with breathtaking 360 degree views of the Cape Peninsula, the City Bowl and Cape Town’s southern suburbs; to Blouberg Beach with a full-frontal view of Table Mountain and Robben Island. Read The Culture Trip’s guide to the Best Places to go for Epic views of Cape Town.

3. It’s a Cultural Experience

While many travellers are reluctant to go on township tours while in Cape Town because they don’t want to ‘impose on others’ lives’, these tours have many economic benefits for the townships. Township tours create jobs, drive down unemployment and put bread on the table for many South Africans.

It is also an unbelievably beneficial experience for travellers and visitors, as they are humbled by the humanity, hospitality and warmth of the people who live in the townships.

Cape Town

4. The History

Learn more about Cape Town’s rich history, Apartheid, Nelson Mandela, and much more by taking one of the loads of insightful walking tours available. Or, visiting the world famous District Six Museum (a memorial to the forced movement of 60,000 inhabitants of various races in District Six during Apartheid in South Africa in the 1970s).

Some of Cape Town’s other top historical attractions include the Slave Lodge and Iziko South African Museum, Robben Island and the Castle of Good Hope.

Safari South Africa

5. The Wildlife

There are many private game reserves within a few hours drive from Cape Town, giving you the opportunity to see Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, buffalos and loads more in their natural habitat.

Go on a Safari Sunset drive and view an unforgettable African Sunset whilst listening to grass crunching as elephants slowly make their way across the rolling landscapes.

Or, stick along the coastline and see Penguins, Whales and (if you’re feeling brave)- cage dive with Great White Sharks.

Cape Town beer

6. It’s Cheap

Our weak currency means a helluva good time for tourists. Ask any local about our former president Jacob Zuma’s mismanagement of the South African economy and you’ll quickly see that it’s a sore spot. BUT – it’s a win for tourists, who have never had it so good.

With South Africa’s weak currency, your Dollars, Pounds and Euros will have you balling through your Saffa holiday in style.

Grab a beer at Beerhouse Cape Town for R30 – that’s around $3 AUD or under £2.

Cape Town Food

7. The Food

With so many restaurants, bars, food markets, food trucks and festivals, its no surprise that foodies from across the globe flock to Cape Town for their vacays.

Whether you’re in the mood for a tapas bar, sushi spot or hip coffee shop, the choices are endless. Throw in some craft beer tasting, a gourmet gin experience or a high tea, and you’re living the dream.

If you’re in the mood for something different have a look through Cape Town Etc’s 10 Unique Dining Experiences 

8. The People

In our experience, the locals of a destination can often make or break your travel experience.

We’re not sure if it’s just because we’ve spent a fair bit of time in Asia recently (notorious for its unfriendly people)- but Capetonians genuinely seem to be some of the friendliest folks around.

With a ‘pull in for a beer‘, and ‘need a hand with that?’ local attitude, you’ll find it easy to make friends during your holiday in the Mother City (Note: we realise this is a generalisation, and every city has its assholes- but we’re speaking from our own experience here).

A very social country, Saffas are known for their love of a good time.

9. The Wine

With world-class wine regions and top-notch wine farms practically on your doorstep, the perfect afternoon of wining and dining (at surprisingly affordable prices) is never far away.

Views that will leave you feeling as if you’ve stepped into Tuscany for an afternoon, and wines fit for every palette, it’s an experience like none other.

Cape Town is home to some of the world’s most unique wine tasting experiences: from dunking your biscotti into glasses of Muscat at Zandvliet Estate (tea-and-biscuit style!), to Boerebraai Tapas and Wine Pairing at Middelvlei Wine Estate– you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Also, just as a side note- craft beer and gin tastings are also pretty huge in the Cape. Can this place get any better?

Hiking Trails

10. The Trails

One of the biggest parts of what makes Cape Town so special is its awe-inspiring natural beauty. There are plenty of diverse landscapes to explore, with mountains that will make your knees weak (literally).

Hiker’s paradise, Cape Town offers countless trails and paths that are ready to be ventured at a moments’ notice. From the famous Table Mountain or Lion’s Head, to Crystal Pools or Newlands Forest. Check out African Overland Tours list of the Top 10 Hiking Trails in Cape Town.

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