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Hiking Trails in the Overberg, South Africa

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Where is the Overberg?

When you decide you have had enough of Cape Town’s crowds and heavy wind, take a drive to the Overberg. The Overberg is just over an hour’s drive outside of Cape Town.

Take the scenic route along Clarence Drive where you will witness endless beauty as mountains meet the ocean. As you get to the end of False Bay you will see a few small coastal towns, namely Rooi Els, Pringle Bay, Betties Bay, Kleinmond and Hermanus.

All of these little towns sit between the foot of the mountain range and the ocean. The landscape is something you won’t experience anywhere else in the world. Enriched by fynbos and raw sandstone, the fauna and flora is thick and beautiful.

Are the hiking trails worth checking out?

So it sounds like a lekker place to hike, doesn’t it?

The Overberg’s hiking trails are a lot less commercialised than those in Cape Town, which guarantees a good time with just your own group of mates.

The hiking trails are very well maintained, with no litter or rubbish to mess up your views (a common problem on more popular trails). There’s a large variety of hiking trails to suit anyone’s fitness capabilities. From flat hikes along river banks into the valleys, to climbing steep ladders up tiering waterfalls. The Overberg has it all!

Hiking trails in the Overberg, South Africa.

Tips for hiking in the Overberg

  • Know the route – Make sure you know the route details, and how far it is so you’re completely prepared. Check the route out online beforehand. Read previous hikers’ reviews and recommendations.
  • Take enough water and food – Always make sure you take enough water and food with you, especially in summer, it gets HOT! Pack small energy snacks like nuts, dried fruit, energy jellies etc.
  • Wild animals? Yes it’s Africa bru, common encounters are Baboons, Snakes, and if you are very, very, very lucky you might spot a Cape Leopard.
  • Dodgy guys that are going to mug me? Unfortunately, it is Africa and anything is possible. Some personal experience in the Overberg is that there is a big Abalone poaching problem along this coastline, and there are a couple of hiking trails that extend along the coast, so it’s important to be aware. Poachers tend to be aggressive and could approach any person where they see an opportunity to get a couple of bucks or a cellphone or two.

That being said, the Overberg is home to what are undoubtedly some of the best hiking trails in the world, and is a place that cannot be missed if you’re a nature lover.

The best way to hike as a newbie to the Overberg is to have an experienced personal guide to escort you to the most breathtaking trails, without the risk of getting lost or ending up in a dodgy situation.

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