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Solo Surf Travel Done Right

Solo Travel with a Difference.

A New Approach to Solo Travel in South Africa.

Overberg, Western Cape, May 2018: The South Africa Surf Tours team completed their 12-day guided surf and adventure trip with female Swiss solo traveller, Yuki, last week. When Yuki returned home from her fully-guided adventure trip in South Africa, she had the following to say:

Tracey and Ruan had me for a short two week trip, which was planned very carefully and contained everything I dreamt of. I can recommend everything about Saffa Surf Tours.‘ [Read full review on TripAdvisor]

South Africa Surf Tours was established in February 2018, and is owned by a local couple, Ru and Tracey. The couple returned late last year from their international travels with a mission: To safely guide visitors to South Africa’s incredible waves, wildlife and adventures in an authentic, non-commercial way.

solo travel in South Africa

Their guided surf holidays and adventure tours offer visitors an opportunity to experience South Africa’s lesser-known and uncrowded surf spots and adventure activities.

Solo travel in South Africa can seem daunting, especially solo female travel. This is largely due to the negative media that the country receives in regards to crime and corruption. Saffa Surf’s fully-guided tours offer a way to enjoy a worry-free surf trip in South Africa. These trips allow people traveling to experience South Africa’s greatest gems in a safe and relaxed way.

Yuki’s Solo Travel Adventure in South Africa

Yuki approached South Africa Surf Tours via their website, and the team worked together with her to create an itinerary that she loved. They took Yuki’s surf skill level, interests & budget into consideration when designing her ultimate surf trip.

Her €1,900 12-day trip included all transport, petrol & road taxes; breakfasts and dinners; comfortable guesthouse accommodation; daily surf guide; surfboard rentals; forrest zip-lining; a private safari drive; waterfall hikes; a traditional South African braai; tasting at a gin distillery, and more.

Yuki arrived as a visitor, and left as a friend. Click here to watch a summary video of her trip and solo travel experiences with the Saffa Surf team.

The team at South Africa Surf Tours understands the concerns that solo travellers have when planning a trip to South Africa, and have made it their goal to combat those concerns. Here’s what co-owner, Tracey has to say about their solo travel solution in South Africa:

‘Having a personal local guide for your trip in South Africa definitely takes the experience to the next level. It eliminates the need to worry about how to get to certain places and whether those places are safe to travel to alone. It also offers solo travellers the opportunity to meet friendly locals who are more than happy to show them around. It’s the difference between a trip that resembles those of thousands of others on social media; and an authentic, culturally-immersive travel experience of South Africa that leaves you with an open mind and memories and travel stories that’ll last a lifetime.’

About South Africa Surf Tours

‘South Africa Surf Tours is a newly established surf guiding company that specializes in finding you some of the best uncrowded waves in South Africa. These are waves you’ve probably never heard of (and neither have the 74 other surfers at your local break), which means you get access to a whole lot of amazing surf in uncrowded lineups.

South Africa is full of pumping consistent waves, but like other untouched surf gems, it’s not always easy to find the right wave on the right day. That’s where Saffa Surf Tours comes in.

Based in Overberg Valley, about a minute walk from the beach, Saffa Surf Tours is your ticket to a fully-guided charter to the Western Cape’s best waves, from the Overberg to Cape Town.

Pricing is very affordable in comparison with competing brands, and includes accommodation, daily breakfast, dinner, daily surf guides, airport transfers, all transportation, and a whole lot of extras.

There’s a loose itinerary for the package trips, but the team is flexible and the schedule/itinerary is very customizable. You can also get in touch with them for a tailored quote based on any special expedition ideas or travel destinations you have in mind (like Namibia or Jeffrey’s Bay).’ – Tara, Lush Palm.


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