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Three Reasons to use a Surf Guide in South Africa

What is a surf guide?

When you hear the words ‘surf guide‘, your mind might jump to a magazine-style publication that tells you everything you need to know about a surf destination, helping you discover new areas with confidence.

That’s one way to look at it. If you’re looking for that type of surf guide- look no further than Lush Palm’s website filled with epic, informative surf travel guides. We helped them write their surf travel guides on South Africa and Namibia last year, and we think they’ve done a stellar job of creating resources to help people from across the world plan their surf trips with ease.

Now to be clear, we’re going to discuss a different type of surf guide in this article. By definition, the word ‘guide’ means: ‘a person who shows the way to others.’ And, that’s exactly what a surf guide does. Surf guides are people or companies that show visitors the best way to experience their surf travel destinations. They’re responsible for safely delivering their guests to the waves of their dreams, whilst teaching them more about the culture, social norms, surf etiquette and geography of these places.

It’s not always easy for visitors to navigate a new surf destination on their own, especially when visiting a third world country. Be it the transport logistics of hiring a vehicle, relying on Google Maps in an area with weak signal, or general safety concerns. Knowing which spots will work on specific conditions can be a challenge on its own. These things often take experience and local knowledge to fully understand.

A good surf guide is someone who has the necessary knowledge to read & interpret conditions for a variety of surf spots spots along their coastline. This ensures that their guests have the highest chance of finding the right waves, on the right days- which means a bloody good time, every time!

Surf guide in South Africa

Surfing South Africa

Why should I use a surf guide in South Africa?

Now that we’ve got the definition of a surf guide out of the way. Let’s talk a bit about why we think it’s a good idea to use a surf guide when surfing South Africa. The concept of surf guides is growing globally, with surf travellers seeing the value in the idea of someone with local knowledge and experience helping them get the most out of their surf trips.

Peace of mind while travelling, easy access to the best surf spots, and companionship in the water are just some of the popular reasons for using a professional surf guide when travelling. Below, we list our top three reasons for using a surf guide when surfing Africa.

1. Surf Africa Safely

Any new country can be challenging to navigate. Even more so when safety is a concern. Having a local surf guide with knowledge of their turf, allows visitors to avoid accidentally landing up in the wrong area at the wrong time. Much like many other third world countries, South Africa has had a bad name when it comes to general safety of its tourists and visitors for quite some time now.

As residents of the country, we can confidently say that it’s really not as bad as the media makes it out to be. The key is to stay aware, and to respect the areas you visit. It’s about remaining street-wise throughout your travels in this beautiful country. use local knowledge and safety tips, and you’ll have the best time without feeling uneasy.

2. Make The Most of your time in South Africa with a Surf Guide

South Africa is world-renowned for its variety of pumping, uncrowded and consistent waves. But, like most other untouched gems of the world, it’s not always easy to find the right wave on the right day. That’s where your guide comes in. As a visitor, your time in South Africa is limited. That’s why it’s important to make the most of your days and fit in as many barrels as possible.

There’s simply no time to waste trying to find undocumented locations on your own, getting lost, or travelling to a wave that has the wrong conditions for the day. Avoid getting skunked, and travel with someone who is experienced & knowledgable. Your surf guide’s responsibility is to ensure you’re in the right place at the right time, helping you score waves you’ll never forget.

surf africa with a local guide

3. Best Surf Spots, Local Knowledge & Authentic Experiences

Having a surf guide in South Africa means the difference between experiencing our country as a tourist, and experiencing it as a local. The overly commercialised tourism industry would love to take your money & leave you with half-satisfying experiences. But it’s not (in our opinion) a true reflection of the beauty that is South Africa. Having a local saffa to show you  the best, most authentic African experiences on your non-surf days will make all the difference- turning your South African surf trip into the trip of a lifetime.

South Africa Surf Tours

South Africa Surf Tours specialises in curated guided surf trips and bodyboard holidays in South Africa and Namibia. We offer surfing vacations for beginnerssurf guide packages for intermediate and advanced surfers, and bodyboard holidays for intermediate and advanced bodyboarders. Skeleton Bay, Namibia is a popular choice for advanced surfers.

We believe a South African surf trip should be about uncrowded line-ups, endless barrels, unforgettable landscapes, untouched wildlife, authentic African experiences, good coffee, wholesome food, and a comfortable place to rest your head at the end of the day.

We take the hassle out of planning a surf trip, leaving you to focus on the stoke. Surfing South Africa has never been easier. 

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