DryTide Travel Backpack: The Waterproof Backpack we all Need.

DryTide Backpack: The Waterproof Travel Backpack We All Need.

A Comfortable & Waterproof Surf Travel Backpack.

So you’re on a boat in the middle of nowhere, making your way to the wave of your dreams. It’s the wave your mates have raved about, and you’re finally going to surf it. 

But, instead of focusing on the pumping wave ahead of you, you find yourself worrying about the gear in your backpack. Is it safe and dry? Should I have put my camera in a plastic bag? What if it falls into the water? 

We get it. We’ve been there. Luckily, we’ve found the ultimate solution to the age old problem of gear vs. water when on a surf trip. It’s the bag that makes outdoor recreation a walk in the park, the stuff adventure trip dreams are made of. 

Travel backpack
DryTide waterproof backpack

What is DryTide? 

The Drytide backpack is the brainchild of long-time outdoor enthusiast, Klemen Surk. He came up with the concept when he started making 2-day stand up padding trips to hidden bays and islands in the Adriatic sea. As apposed to the simplicity of a quick trip out on his SUP, his 2-day trips required clothes, food, camping gear, and other equipment that simply could not get wet. 

The Drytide backpack combats three major obstacles when it comes to dry and comfortable gear storage on the go: 

It’s 100% Waterproof.

The DryTide waterproof backpack is made out of heavy duty 100% waterproof cloth that keeps the water out. It is constructed without stitches, using high frequency welded seams so no holes are made in the material during production. This means your gear is sealed away and protected from dust, sand and water.

This feature also means peace of mind when traveling in the tropics, when thunderstorms and torrential downpours are the norm. Think Bali, Scooter and Rain. 

travel backpack
DryTide waterproof backpack

It’s Comfortable. 

When you’re on the move, comfort is everything. The Drytide packack’s adjustable shoulder straps, hip belt and padded back make it a helluva lot more comfortable than regular dry bags. 

It’s Organised.

Don’t waste valuable wave time scratching around in your backpack to find your sunblock, keys or surf wax. With a large main compartment, back pocket with rainproof zipper, smaller top pocket with rainproof zipper, removable inside laptop pocket with added mesh pocket and two water bottle pockets- the DryTide backpack will have you looking like Bear Grylls on your next adventure trip. With easy access to all of your daily necessities, it’s the ideal bag for your outdoor adventure and one of our must-have travel accessories. 

An added bonus is that it’s a really good-looking bag, in our humble opinions. It’s simple and stylish.

DryTide waterproof backpack

Where can I buy it? 

Sounds good, doesn’t it? To pre-order your backpack or find out more about its innovative features, visit http://drytidegear.com today. 

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