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FAQ: Surfing South Africa

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about surfing South Africa, our surf trips and bodyboarding holidays, your surf guide and places to surf in South Africa and Namibia. Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we love hearing from you!

What kind of accommodation does your surf trips include? 

Our trips are either based at our newly-renovated surf lodge in the Overberg, or at a beach house near the wave that you are surfing. The only time we camp, is when we head far up the West Coast (where there is no civilisation 😉 An awesome experience camping under the African stars!). 

Can I come alone? 

Sure, our trips are perfect for solo travellers. You’ll have no trouble making friends 🙂 

Do you go to lefts and rights? 

Of course. Our goal is to show you the best surfing South Africa has to offer. We guide our guests to a variety of waves to suit their wave-riding preferences, and needs. We are lucky enough to have a range of waves to satisfy any wave-rider. 

What about sharks? 

We’ve been in the water for over 16 years, and have never seen a shark. Unfortunately the media makes it seem a lot worse than the reality is. While we obviously cannot promise anything with regard to sharks, we can assure you that you’ll have someone experienced in the water with you during your surf sessions. A big part of shark encounters here is being aware of your surroundings. For example, when there is a lot of visible sea-life (e.g. small bait fish, seals, dolphins, whales), there is bound to be some bigger fish in those areas as well. That’s when we choose to go to another spot, for safety’s sake. Awareness is the biggest factor in avoiding accidents, and so far it’s been successful for us & our guests – you have nothing to worry about 🙂 

Are your surf trips suitable for all surfing levels? 

Because South Africa has such a variety of waves, it’s the perfect place for beginners, intermediates or advanced surfers. We tailor our trips to your wave-riding preferences and ability. 

Do you have any vacancies? 

We currently have more than enough guides on our books 🙂 We do, however have other freelance positions that open up from time to time. Keep an eye on our social media pages: South Africa Surf Tours Instagram and South Africa Surf Tours Facebook for updates. 

How cold is the water? 

Towards the summer months, the water gets colder. It sometimes reaches around 9 degrees. Typically, it is around 12 degrees. A 5 mil wetsuit is good to have, for very cold days. We generally use a 4:3 wetsuit. 

Is South Africa good for a family holiday? 

Definitely. It’s the place family holiday dreams are made of! With family-friendly adventure activities from quad-biking, to zip-lining, boat rides and snorkeling- you can’t go wrong. Check out one of our past family surf trips here. 

How much does a surf trip cost? 

We have a super simple, daily pricing structure. Unlike most other surf holiday package providers, we do not have set dates and schedules. We like to keep things flexible. Visit our pricing page to find out more about how our trips are priced. 

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We love hearing from you. Shoot us a message!