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Welcome to the South Africa Surf Tours blog. Here, it’s our mission to deliver surf travel articles, ocean-minded lifestyle and news regularly to keep our past, present and future South African surf travellers well-informed. Go on, have a scroll!



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Surfing Namibia

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Smoothie with almonds and butter

The ultimate pre-surf brekky smoothie

The Ultimate Pre-Brekky Smoothie Almond & Peanut Butter Smoothie Recipe There’s nothing better than an ice cold, energy packed smoothie before a...
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5 Tips for Cold Water Surfing

5 Cold Water Surfing Tips A little cold is no excuse to skip a thick swell with pumping offshores. So, harden up...
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Revere, don’t fear: 3 Reasons to rethink your fear of Great White Sharks

Great White Sharks Three Reasons to Rethink your Fear of Great White Sharks The Great White Shark is considered one of the...
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