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Skeleton Bay Surf Trip Planner

Welcome to South Africa Surf Tours’ Skeleton Bay Surf Strike Mission planning platform.

Everything you need to know to plan & execute the Ultimate Skeleton Bay Surf Trip.

Sweet Deal. 

Donate $20 once-off to our creators, and you get immediate access to: 

  • Forecast tips & a Skeleton Bay swell alert from experienced guides
  • Access to an exclusive Skeleton Bay strike mission Whatsapp community to help you:
    • Meet other people planning their strike missions & get a crew together
    • Share opinions about upcoming swells & forecasts
    • Share costs for car hire/ accommodation / petrol etc
    • Contact someone nearby if you need help
  • Flight information & tips
  • Accommodation details & recommendations
  • Step-by-step directions and a map to the wave
  • Other things to do in the area
  • Strike mission packing list 
  • Amenity information: mobile data networks, supermarkets, restaurants and more

Everything you need to know, to surf Skeleton Bay. 

It’s known as the world’s best wave. You’ve seen mind-blowing videos of guys from across the globe scoring the best waves of their lives there. But how f*ck do you get there?

South Africa Surf Tours specializes in guided surf trips in South Africa and Skeleton Bay, Namibia. 

Since launching a few years back – we’ve noticed a massive increase in the number of people wanting to plan a Skeleton Bay surf trip. It’s no wonder, with Koa’s infamous 8 barrel Youtube video breaking the internet in 2018, and this year’s “African Love This Place” video. Unfortunately, this meant us being fully booked and having to turn people down throughout the Skeleton Season in 2019  – due to the sheer volume of enquiries.

Not being able to help these guys and girls realise their dreams of a minute-long barrel sucked. That’s why we decided to put together a platform that enables anyone to plan & execute their strike mission to Skeleton Bay in an easy and informed way. 

We’ve picked up loads of useful information, tips and tricks on our guided surf trips. This platform is not sponsored by the companies/ places we recommend – it’s purely through research and our own experiences that we can recommend certain places and give you more information. 

Information online about planning a trip to Skeleton Bay is very limited, and this makes it even more challenging to successfully execute your strike mission to the middle of the desert. You’re not sure how to get there, when to go, and where to stay once you’re there. This platform will help answer all of your questions. 

How our Skeleton Bay Surf Platform works.

  1. Donate USD 20 (once-off) to our creators via PayPal using the secure payment button below. 
  2. Once you have made a successful payment wait about 30 seconds (don’t exit the screen) and you will be redirected to a page with a unique password & URL for login.
  3. Type the password in when asked for it, and enjoy immediate access to our Skeleton Bay platform. 

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  • Without their help, we would have spent more time searching for the wrong spots than surfing the good ones.

    Flavio Formigoni
  • Tracey and Ruf organized a trip to surf the best wave in the world in Namibia at skeleton bay. Was a seamless experience that exceeded my expectations by a mile. They have a lot of local knowledge and good vibes to share. I will definitely be back

    Robbie Berman
    South Africa
  • Surfing needed to play a large part of our trip and South Africa Surf Tours delivered on all fronts due to the numerous breaks and Ruan’s obvious love of the ocean and enthusiasm coupled with his knowledge of the local area and conditions. We surfed every day often alone in some of the best waves and at some of the most pristine beaches we have ever seen.

    family surf vacations south africa
    James & Nicola Marris
  • Ru’s local insight and knowledge of surf breaks across South Africa and Namibia is unrivaled. He knew which breaks would be working given the weather and swell conditions and he was spot on.

    Dave Simons
  • Sick waves. Amazing places. Ruan is an absolute legend and showed us a whole lot more than we could possibly of seen flying solo. Lekker times.

    David Grannery
  • We managed to get up to Namibia and score Skeleton Bay, I won’t even begin to describe how good it was. The trip ended up being one of the best months of my life, filled with beer, biltong and barrels.

    Jake O'Donnel

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We’ve helped Lush Palm (California) create surf destination guides for both South Africa, and Skeleton Bay, Namibia. Check them out here. 

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