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February 2018
Kitesurfing Christopher Bodenstein Image
Article as written by Kyle Rhett Cabano for & posted by www.kitesurfersblog.com Cape Town has long been on the maps of many well seasoned and adventurous kitesurfers. Famous for the gail force winds and large swell during the summer months, combined with a great blend of diverse cultures, it is no wonder Cape Town has...
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surf yoga
Surf Yoga retreats are taking the world by storm and have grown into booming businesses from Bali to Costa Rica, Morocco, Portugal, Sri Lanka and…. you guessed it, South Africa! Surfers are increasingly turning to yoga as an additional pastime, which has resulted in the complete integration of yoga into the tropical surf subculture. Surfers...
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Surf guide South Africa
SURFING QUOTES TO KEEP YOU INSPIRED Surfing is so much more than just a sport. It’s a way of life. Subsequently, it’s no surprise that people have been talking about surfing and its impact on their lives since it’s inception. Recently, we spent some time researching the history of surfing. While scrolling through the world...
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